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Within months after Roentgen's discovery, Becquerel discovered the new and previously unsuspected property which produced X-rays, and before the end of the year he coined the term "radioactivité." Becquerel continued his researches until 1903 when he summed up his results in the definitive work above.

B62FIRST EDITION IN GERMAN of Bohr's first papers on atomic constitution, with an original foreword for this edition by Bohr. "Atomteorien og Grundprincipperne for Naturbeskrivelsen." IN: Beretning om det 18 Skandinaviske Naturforskermode i Kobenhavn 26-31 August 1929, pp.

ARCHIVES DE L'INSTITUT DU RADIUM & DE LA FONDATION CURIE. Recueil de Travaux Biologiques, Techniques et Therapeutiques.

AFIRST SEPARATE EDITION, offprinted from the Mathematical Gazette, March 1926.

This series documents the history of nuclear physics, radiation, and radium studies from 1896 up to, but not including, the Manhattan Project.

The core of Series 1 comprises a collection of original editions and secondary references tracing the sequence of discoveries that revealed the feasibility of the release of energy on a large scale by means of a fission chain reaction in uranium.

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PRESENTATION COPY, signed & inscribed by LEO SZILARD on the front wrapper.

In fact this is an example of the interchangeability between mass and energy which is postulated in Einstein's 'General Theory of Relativity'." -PMM 412; Heirs of Hippocrates 1183.

The ratio between hydrogen and helium is not 4:1 as it 'should' be, but rather less; which means that when four atoms of hydrogen are transformed into one helium atom some matter is annihilated. Illustrated with 21 figures and 4 full page plates.

This work led to "the reconstruction of the table of atomic weights. The ultimate consequences of these discrepancies are far-reaching.

This is his classic publication in which he details his experiments demonstrating the existence of isotopes. (showing) that they are only in exceptional cases whole numbers when considered as multiples of the weight of a hydrogen atom.

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S66 1903FIRST SEPARATE EDITION, off-printed from the Smithsonian Report for 1902.

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