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One mother in Kingwood hasn't been seen since meeting with a man she met online.

Advertising the Angel Shot is a growing trend across the country to help combat this scary reality. A person can say they want to order an angel shot neat, that means the bartender will help you to your car.

To find out just how different dating in the service industry is (as opposed to in the general population), we spoke with men and women who've worked in kitchens, bars, and dining rooms across the country about their love lives.

(All names have been redacted to protect subjects' privacy, and future chances of having the sex.) These are their stories.

Speaking about his previous unfruitful endeavors on sites such as Tinder, e Harmony, and even Christian Mingle, Brandon remarked: 'If you’re not ridiculously attractive by the media standard, you won’t stand out.' Catch: Brandon, who stars in his own intro video on the site (pictured), describes himself as a 25-year-old college educated bartender based in Brooklyn, New York, looking for an 'easy-going, honest girlfriend'Addressing visitors to his website, Brandon - who says he is 5ft 9in and has a 'fine/normal' body type - states in his welcome video: 'If you think there are way too many profiles on every online dating site, you're not alone.

You know that Rihanna song about finding love in a hopeless place? Second of all, there's a good chance that Ri Ri consulted with a waiter, bartender, or chef before writing it, 'cause when it comes to finding love, there's almost place more fraught with romantic pitfalls than a restaurant.

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There’s lots of booze at these events, and your morals might not always be, uh, 'aligned.'" "I was hooking up with this cook at a time when I wasn't working on the floor.In my early 20s, I dated the sous chef who was my boss at the time.A few years later, when I was the sous chef, I messed around with some of my cooks, too." "I once went to a restaurant on a date with another industry guy, said hello to the hostess who I knew through friends (but honestly, she seems like a real bitch), mentioned who would be joining me, and her response was 'Oh, I'm very familiar with John Doe.' So I can only assume they had hooked up, too." "The people working [in restaurants, especially NYC restaurants] are usually super creative, and working to be able to support their careers (actors, artists, singers, musicians, etc.).The growing popularity of online dating means that people are constantly meeting up with strangers, often in unfamiliar settings.While these dating sites boast fairy tale endings, the reality is that these situations can sometimes be very dangerous.

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The idea is giving a customer a way to be a discreet way to ask for help if they feel threatened. If a person orders an angel shot on the rocks that means the bartender will call a taxi or Uber.