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Describing their relationship before the breakup, the father told the judge: 'It was volatile.It was more than volatile.'It was a relationship which was in terminal decline and quite an unhappy environment.

i have no baggage and don't want anyone that does have any.

Mark Donald, for the mother, who the court heard is 'a teacher at a very good school,' has yet to address the judge.

She denies having forged the father's signature, but is also the subject of a third party claim by the clinic, the court heard.

Comparing the situation to undergoing a heart operation, Mr Justice Jay told Mr Hyam: 'You sign a form when you undergo a procedure - after the risks are explained - so that it is clear you understand.'You are seeking to go behind the document and say that there is in fact an underlying informed consent.'The judge earlier told Mr Mylonas: 'Your client understandably loves his daughter..the signature (on the form) was his, that is the end of this case.'The average cost of raising a child to adulthood in the he UK has been recently calculated at £230,000.

The father's statement of claim states that he had spent £45,000 battling the mother in court over custody and contact by 2015.

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