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Edmonton dating site killer

The cops sprayed Luminal on the crime scene and Inspector Brad Mandrusiak explained: "The interior was just blood soaked. I’m thinking this might be a murder." However, Twitchell's alibi was elaborate and almost convincing - as he claimed he was shooting a film about a serial killer, called House of Cards.This was until police discovered a diary on his laptop, called SK Confessions.The woman refused to provide an address where Altinger was to meet her, but instead gave directions to a back-alley garage in Mill Woods.“I wasn’t too happy about the instructions and I told John to give me a call when he got there and to give me the address before he went into the place,” Smith told court on Tuesday during the first-degree murder for Mark Twitchell. Smith recalled that his good-natured friend sounded lighthearted on the phone that night.The pair had known each other since elementary school and spoke or e-mailed almost every day.Gilles said: "I get shivers down my back thinking about it.

"His wife, his parents, his sister, his friends, they had no idea.

Smith didn’t think to ask for the garage address again, he told court.

He thought the date was over and that his friend was going home.

It’s just horrible." Twitchell, who was a married dad, was jailed for first degree murder - and sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison.

His biographer, Steve Lillebuen, explained: "Twitchell wasn’t an obvious killer.

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It was then that he was attacked from behind, drawn into a bear hug before being punched in the back of his head. Whatever I was going to do, I knew I had to do it right away - so I grabbed the end of it.

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