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And for some reason, told her that we’d been having sex.

And she was all, “I want in.” So we ended up having an all-girl threesome that night.

When I saw him the next morning I told him all about it — like it was a fun, exciting tale, and not something I should be ashamed or apologetic about.

Luckily, he was kind of a hippie and didn’t really see anything wrong with having a night of fun before a big day like graduation. At some point my sophomore year, I started sleeping with my roommate.

So I went onto his computer, opened my email, and pulled up naked photos of myself that someone had taken. He said they couldn’t print that, but he really liked them, so I emailed them to him.

Of course we hooked up after that — alas, only once before I left for study abroad and then he began traveling around the world for several years.

Cue a trip to the well-lit sitting room at 2 in the morning, half naked and tangled in the long drapes. At my first Coming Out Dance, my friends and I all put on our best lingerie and tottered over to the dining hall.

We made out with our classmates, drank from flasks and danced until we were grossly sweaty.

I spent my senior year boning (off and on) a guy I was soooo in love with, but who didn’t love me back.

He graciously let me sit in his office for an afternoon and watch him edit, hold meetings handle artwork, etc.

He wrote this column called “Losing It” where he interviewed someone about losing their virginity and he asked if I wanted to be the person for the next interview, since I was there.

That year, some random dudes had showed up wearing nothing but socks.

At an after-party, I ended up making out with one of these guys in a bathroom.

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But from gettin’ it on in the common area to gettin’ in on with a group of coeds, this back-to-school time of year has us reminiscing about our wild ‘n’ crazy college sexcapades.