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Meanwhile, I tried to chat with a few Indian girls, but it did not work. They wanted to know whether I came from some NGOs/INGOs and for what purpose I wanted to collect information etc.Some of them even asked me that how much money I would be paid for collecting information from them. I realized I could not get any information out of these clever girls. I stood at the door of a brothel which was owned by a Nepali woman. Meanwhile, to my relief, the door was opened and a thin man may be at his 40s, came out exhausted.I was about to knock at the door meanwhile a black and tall girl, must be a Bangali, appeared from nowhere and said “She is busy with her client. I simply said to her that I was looking for only a Nepali girl, not others. Looking at me, he grinned awkwardly, pulled up his trouser’s fastener and walked past singing a popular Hindi song. Her name was Mukhi Tamang from Dhading district of Nepal.She was at her 30s and also the owner of the brothel. So young that she did not even have her first period…she was merely 10-year old.He had consumed rat killing poison to end his life. When I asked about her elder sister, Mukhi paused for some time. Perhaps her tears were tribute to her beloved sister.

Sex workers are both brothel based and street based.

After having spent several hours, lurching to and fro, eventually I found myself in the Mumbai Central Railway Station.

For many Nepalese Red-light area of Kamathipura, Mumbai is a familiar name.

The commercial sex workers who stand on both sides of the gully try to lure every person walking through the narrow street of Kamathipura.

These girls were of different colors and sizes, but my prying eyes were looking for Nepali girls. I continued walking, ignoring their calls and sexual innuendoes.

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